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Tahoe Douglas FPD residents can schedule any of the fuels managment services we provide using this site.  Feel free to call us at (775) 588-3591 for personal assistance.   

Fire and Fuels Season 2017

The 2016-2017 winter delivered, but where not out of trouble yet!  The 5 previous years of drought is hard to reverse. The Sierra sun and winds are back and while the fuels are drying and trees are dying, we see people getting their Spring defensible space work done.  Our communities get it - Don't Get Decked By Wildfire - give us a call now.   

We cannot change the weather or steep slopes in our area, but we can influence the fuels around homes and communities.  And that is enough!

Click <here> for a photo series showing homes that survived the Angora Fire standing next to the burned out foundations of neighboring homes.  Note the common theme in the survival series is that thesurviving homes all had some lawn, landscaping and absolutely all had non-combustible zones extending five feet around the homes. 

Tahoe Douglas FPD's Fuels Managment Division

Scott Baker, Fire Chief
Keegan Schafer, Crew Supervisor and Operations Lead
John Pickett, Forester and Finance Lead
Carrie Nolting, Accounting Technician
Matt Fogarty, Crew Foreman
The Zephyr Fire Crew, a 30 person Type 2 Initial Attack rated fire crew

If you need any assistance with clearing your defensible space, or if you would like us to speak with your community about fire prevention, please give us a call at (775) 588-3591.  

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