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Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District residents can schedule any of the fuels managment services we provide using this site or call us at (775) 588-3591 and we can help you Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM.  

Fire and Fuels Season 2017

The 2017 fire season is off to a slow start because of the wet winter, but fires are beginning to burn across the Western United States.  Northern Nevada has had several high fire hazard days known as Red Flag days and there have been fires nearly daily in Reno and Carson Valley for the past few weeks.  It is critical for our residents to understand that those Red Flag days may not be called for Lake Tahoe, but the east shore of Lake Tahoe has more in common with the grass, brush and trees in Carson City than the wetter west shore of Tahoe.  Highly flammable cheatgrass is now cured and available to burn.  Pine needles and brush are dry and receptive to ignition....our fire hazard is growing daily.  

 This photo below shows cheatgrass near Cave Rock.  The cheatgrass is dry and ready to burn.  And while cheatgrass will carry fire right to your house with extreme speed, just a minor amount of defensible space can prevent home ignition. 

Tahoe Douglas FPD will meet you on your property to discuss defensible space within 48 hours of your making the call. Let us help you focus in on the areas that are most likely to contribute to home ignition with a defensible space consultation. 


Tahoe Douglas FPD's Fuels Managment Division

Scott Baker, Fire Chief
Keegan Schafer, Crew Supervisor and Operations Lead
John Pickett, Forester and Finance Lead
Carrie Nolting, Accounting Technician
Matt Fogarty, Crew Foreman
The Zephyr Fire Crew, a 30 person Type 2 Initial Attack rated fire crew

If you need any assistance with clearing your defensible space, or if you would like us to speak with your community about fire prevention, please give us a call at (775) 588-3591.  

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