Tahoe Douglas Fire News

Strike Teams - Central Cal and Southern Cal

Whether in the fire district, or outside our region, the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District firefighters are happy to serve.

Strike teams are utilized by fire departments to loan out equipment and firefighters to communities in need. Theses teams can be a single resource like a paramedic or dozer boss; or an engine or a brush truck with 4 personnel. TDFPD sent a strike team to Santa Rosa/Napa last month. Strike team members were Battalion Chief Rich Nalder, Captains Bryce Cranch, Chris Lucas, Chuck Salerno, and Brian Zabel, and Firefighter/Paramedics Dusty Gooch and Greg Koeck.

Currently, we have seven firefighters in Southern California: Battalion Chief Rich Nalder, Captains Bill Romanowitz and Chuck Salerno, and Firefighter/ Paramedics Chad Baker, Derrick Bean, Ryan Pruitt, and Scott Vandover. 


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