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Ten Years of Service for Captain Green

004Captain Green (left) was acknowledged recently by Fire Chief Scott Baker (right) and the Fire Board for his 10 years of service. Green has been instrumental in developing the next generation of firefighters and paramedics for TDFPD. Throughout his career, Green has actively pursued opportunities and taken on collateral duties to make significant improvements and contributions to the Fire District. By serving on the EMS Steering and Protocol Committees, making equipment purchase recommendations, establishing medication controls, and creating patient care standards and protocols, Green has greatly improved the patient care experience, has acquired top of the line EMS equipment, and has found ways to control costs for the EMS program. He has been the lead on several ambulance re-chassi projects, and just returned from reviewing specs for the purchase of a new ambulance.

He is a certified technician in Swift Water Rescue, Low/High Angle Rope Rescue, Hazardous Materials Incident Command, Bioterrorism, and Weapons of Mass Destruction. He has taught numerous classes as a certified instructor in multiple medical specialties, both internally and externally. Captain Green was Lead Field Training Officer for the Regional Fire Academy. He has served our regional community on multiple wildfire field assignments around the region and is currently a Medical Unit Trainee.

Captain Green is a US Army Veteran, having served our country as an Infantry Officer. He worked as a Flight Paramedic/EMS/Critical Care Support Service Manager; an experience which gave him insight for his current role as first responder delivering patients to flight crews. Kevin has an AA degree in Business & Fire Science, and is working towards his BA in Public Administration. There is also a Mrs. Captain Green; his wife Carol is a Captain with North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District.

2017 Zephyr Fire Crew – Mid-Season Update 

The Zephyr Crew has been busy fighting fire as a nationally recognized and in demand Type 2 Initial Attack (Type 2IA) hand crew and getting work done here at home. 

The Community Work  Days Program has been another success and the Zephyr Crew has assisted over 100 residents who needed help cutting brush and small trees and chipping piles. Neighborhoods remaining are Logan Creek, Cave Rock, Lakeridge and Hidden Woods scheduled for July 29 and 30. Uppaway Estates and Glenbrook are scheduled for August 5 and 6. The Crew is also nearing completion on a 100 acre forest thinning project near Zephyr Cove.

The Zephyr Crew has also been busy protecting our community this year!  Since mid-May, the crew has participated in eight wildfires in our region, and was on the initial attack (first on scene) on three of those incidents. They also assisted with two rescues on the Tahoe Rim Trail. 

The Zephyr Crew gains invaluable firefighting experience assisting our regional partners with wildfires in their district. This is important because we know one day we will be fighting fire right here at home with these same agencies. The Zephyr Crew has been fighting fire on the East Side of the Sierra and has nearly a month of firefighting under their belt this year. The Zephyr Crew was also called to assist on fires in Utah and New Mexico. This is a testament to the quality of the crew and their national recognition as a hardworking and skilled fire crew. 


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