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Tradition in the Fire Service

Tradition in the fire service runs deep and strong, and much of that tradition is shown during fire department ceremonies, such as the Regional Fire Academy Class 17-2 Graduation earlier this month. From the training, to the badges and helmets, to the firefighter's oath, and to aspects of the ceremony itself, there is plenty of tradition to be carried on through these new recruits careers. Below are more pictures from the Class 17-2 graduation ceremony and some of the traditions that were exhibited.


Chairman Kirschner administered the firefighter's oath to FF/P Tajkowski during the graduation ceremony. While oaths vary greatly based on department, many of them call on the firefighter to uphold the Constitution and the state and to faithfully and impartially carry out the duties they are asked to perform in this profession.


Fire Chief Baker and FF/P Tajkowski after being pinned with his badge. 


Fire Chief Baker, FF/P Tajkowski, and Assistant Chief Antti. All TDFPD personnel perform their first year on a probationary status, and earn their official helmet shield upon successful completion of their first year and all required testing.



Bagpipes are a tradition at many fire department ceremonies. Heath Burton, who graduated with Carson City Fire Department, played alongside bagpiper Sean Cummings while the colors were presented and while the recruits entered the ceremony. 


Each agency involved in the academy provides a Recruit Training Officer. These personnel are in charge of all the training that is conducted to prepare the recruits for their careers in the fire service during the eleven weeks of the academy.


Former Zephyr Crew Member Garrett Hekhuis also graduated from Class 17-2. He will be working for Carson City Fire Department, and he was pinned by his father Dave Hekhuis, who is a retired Battalion Chief from Tahoe Douglas and is currently a Battalion Chief at Lake Valley Fire Protection District.


Another former Zephyr Crew Member, Anil Ratti, also graduated from Class 17-2 and will also be working for Carson City Fire Department. He was pinned by his wife Charlotte (pictured above).

Several recruits folded the large flag that was hanging over the cermony after it was complete.


Congratulations to the fifteen graduates from Carson City Regional Fire Academy Class 17-2. 


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