Strategic Plan

pdf2014-2017 STRATEGIC PLAN

The 2014 Strategic Plan represents a departure from the Fire District’s traditional strategic planning process. Strategic Planning has been an institution at the Fire District for over a decade; however, the historical process had become stale and had grown to include an annually revised Strategic Plan Document that was in excess of one hundred pages. Many within the organization found this document to be unapproachable and difficult to digest. 

Beginning in early 2012, a team from the Fire District developed a vision for a new strategic planning process that would include all interested members of the organization and result in a document that was truly strategic in nature. 

In late spring of 2012 a consultant was retained for a strategic planning workshop. Members of all ranks and from every division participated in this workshop. As a result of the organizational analysis conducted the following areas of focus were identified: 

  • Workforce Excellence 
  • Honor and Traditions 
  • Building Credibility 
  • Effective Communication 
  • Community Outreach 
  • Organizational Effectiveness 

Teams were then formed to develop goals, strategy statements, action statements and timelines to address these areas of focus. 

The results were aggregated into the 2014 Strategic Plan. This plan resulted in an easy read format. Importantly, the format of the plan allows for and encourages frequent review to ensure that we are collectively working to achieve the goals within the plan. 

The resulting plan allows us to continue to support the mission of the Fire District and provide the highest level of service to the public while building and supporting our employees. 

The Fire District’s previous strategic plans included a great deal of information that was important to the members of the Fire District, but tertiary to the actual plan. This information has been moved to an Annual Operating Plan and the Career Development Guide. Other freestanding documents such as job descriptions will reside in the Fire District’s records management system library. 

The following plan belongs to both the employees and customers of the Fire District, please review it often, provide honest feedback and embrace our mission, vision and values. 

Ben Sharit, Fire Chief 

pdf2014-2017 STRATEGIC PLAN



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