Plan Submittal and Review

Plan Review Process and Submittal Requirements

The following types of review are conducted by the Tahoe Douglas Fire District:

 Level I: also known as a Pre-TRPA review

This review evaluates adequacy of defensible space, revegetation plans and fire department access. Review of roofing and siding materials can be incorporated in this phase. Submittal should include site plan showing location of trees and brush, access roads/driveways, and elevations. The use of standardized defensible space instruction blocks is highly encouraged. A minimum of three sets of plans should be submitted, TRPA requirements may require more than two sets*.  No Fee.

Level II: Pre-building permit – single family dwellings (SFD) and SFD additions.

This review includes a review of roofing and siding if not reviewed during Level I review as well as smoke alarm placement within residences. Submittal should include site plan, elevations showing roofing and siding materials and electrical plan showing placement of smoke alarms. Instruction block should be included specifying smoke alarm installation requirements for both flat and pitched ceilings as applicable. A minimum of three sets of plans should be submitted*.  No Fee

Level III: Fire Protection Systems, commercial projects including multi-family dwellings and tenant improvements

Submittal should include site plan, elevations, floor plans, pitched ceiling should include reflected ceiling plan if a fire sprinkler system is required or present. A minimum of three sets of plans should be submitted. Supporting documents such as hydraulic calculations and cut
sheets shall accompany submittals as necessary. A minimum of three sets of plans should be submitted*. Fee charged according to TDFPD plan review fee schedule. This fee must be paid in full at the time of submittal.

The Fire District will retain a set of plans for all submittals. The Fire District makes every effort to review plans in an expedient manner, however the project proponent should plan on a turnaround time of 10 business days.


All plans, specifications, reports and other documents prepared by a registered professional must
be stamped or sealed and wet signed in accordance with Title 20 and state law. The architect or
engineer of record shall take responsibility for all architectural components and must wet stamp
and sign all associated plans.

All Architects, Engineers, and Contractors shall be licensed in the State of Nevada
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