Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District

Zephyr Fire Crew

Serving Zephyr Cove, Stateline, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Until further notice, access to our fire stations, administration office and Station 23 classroom is limited to essential personnel only.
Please call 775-588-3591, in advance to coordinate/plan drop off procedures.
Be safe. 

Zephyr Fire Crew

zephyr fire crew logoThe Zephyr Fire Crew was established in 2008 and is partially funded by the Fire Safe Community Fund.  The Zephyr crew is a Type 2 Initial Attack hand crew that is trained to respond to a variety of incidents, but primarily responds to wildland fires.  Currently the crew is staffed with 30 personnel and employs a full time Superintendent and one full time Crew Foreman.              

Zephyr Crew in ClassroomThe Zephyr Crew’s primary mission is hazardous fuels reduction in the Tahoe Douglas Fire District. This work may entail thinning of timber, woodlands, or shrubs with chainsaws, utilizing prescribed fire to reduce fuels, piling and chipping of slash, monitoring pre- and post-fire effects, and fire suppression.  The Zephyr Crew is skilled in the use of a variety of hand tools and chainsaws.

Zephyr Crew on a fire

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