Until further notice, access to our fire stations, administration office and Station 23 classroom is limited to essential personnel only.
Please call 775-588-3591, in advance to coordinate/plan drop off procedures.
Be safe. 

Open Burning Regulations

Burn permits are currently being issued at our main office, located at 193 Elks Point Rd in Zephyr Cove. The spring open burning period runs from April 30, 2019, to May 31, 2019.


You must have a valid burn permit at the burn site at all times.
*new standard – landscape contractors can burn for residents with active permits

Call 775-782-7964 after 08:30 AM but before you burn. This call must be made each day you burn.

  1. Fires shall not be started before 8:30 a.m. and shall be fully extinguished by 3:00 p.m. Wet down until cool to touch.
  2. Fires shall be for hazard reduction of cleared vegetation ONLY.  Do not burn trash.
  3. The area within ten (10) feet of the outer edge of the pile shall be maintained free and clear of all flammable material and vegetation. The burn pile shall be a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet away from any structures. Any condition that would allow a fire to spread to a structure shall be eliminated.
  4. There shall be an adult in attendance with a shovel until the fire is dead out.
  5. A water supply (preferably a charged garden hose) shall be at the burning site.
  6. No burning shall be undertaken unless weather conditions (particularly wind) are such that burning can be considered safe. Cease burning when gusts of wind exceed 10 mph.
  7. Maximum pile size shall be four (4) feet in diameter. Two (2) burn piles are permitted in view and constantly attended with a minimum of ten (10) feet of separation.
  8. Fires shall have managed two to three (2-3) foot flame heights with control to reduce escaped or flying embers.  Additional materials may be fed into the active burn pile as it burns down with flare up not to exceed four (4) feet.
  9. Permittee shall exercise due care as to not create bothersome smoke conditions for neighbors. A well ventilated and hot fire will burn cleaner with reduced smoke.
  10. Any violation of the above regulations may be due cause for revocation of burn permit.
  11. Burn permits may be suspended without notice due to unfavorable weather conditions or fire danger.


Download this file (Open Burning Instructions 2019.pdf)Open Burning Instructions 2019.pdf[ ]162 kB
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