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Tahoe Douglas Fire News

KGID provides a very unique training opportunity


Tahoe Douglas firefighters conducted live fire training this month in the old KGID pump building, Stateline, NV.  This was a rare and unusual opportunity for the fire district.



This live fire training is necessary for crews to better learn how to combat fire in the most realistic training environment possible.  Crews can watch the fire develop and have a realistic feel for the conditions they meet in this high risk, low frequency situation. 


Firefighters go through a rigorous training academy before being assigned to a fire company.  As with any training, you must continue to practice and to learn new techniques in the industry.  This Live-Fire training is one of the best forms of training available.  The opportunities for this type of training are rare today.  The Fire District would like to thank KGID and the public for this opportunity.


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