Green Waste Burning Regulations

(Residental Burning Permit)

Affective May 10, 2021 - Acting Fire Marshal Stroup & Fuels Management Officer Schafer has confirmed that the District will not be able to allow any residential open burning in 2021 due to the extreme fire danger conditions that exist in the Lake Tahoe basin. We will continue to monitor the levels over the summer months and evaluate residential burning again in the Fall of 2021.

Open burn permits are only for the purpose of disposing of excessive amounts of natural vegetation which is deemed a fire hazard in our community.

Tahoe Douglas Fire offers open burning in the Spring and Fall when conditions permit. Fire Captains are authorized to order the extinguishment of any unpermitted fire or any fire that “creates or adds to a hazardous or objectionable situation” (IFC 307.3)

The Fire District offers other options to manage your natural vegetation such as offering free:

open burning sticks

Requests for burn permits maybe granted through a defensible space evaluation (DSE).   All permits will be issued at the site, after a site evaluation or DSE appointment. Please specify when making your request that you need a burn permit. To book your DSE appointment click here.

Once an open burning permit is issued, please conduct your burn according to the instructions below.

Download this file (Open Burning Instructions 2019.pdf)Open Burning Instructions 2019.pdf[ ]162 kB
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