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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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Emergency Medical Services accounts for 70-80% of all alarms in the fire service.  At Tahoe Douglas, we have risen to the challenge of providing top medical care to our customers in and around the Tahoe Basin, and were the first agency in the region to provide paramedic level response in 1983.




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 TDFPD staffs two paramedic ambulances that are centrally located within the district.  

These units are stationed at both the Round Hill and Zephyr Cove Fire Stations.  If needed, a third ambulance can be quickly staffed by on-duty personnel and be able to respond to incidents. This reserve ambulance is also used to rotate out other equipment for maintenance and to cover standby needs for concerts and other special events. 



The remaining two fire stations (Kingsbury and Glenbrook) have engine companies that are Nevada State ALS (Advanced Life Support) equipped.  Firefighters at these stations are trained to at least the Advanced Life Support Level, and many times to the highest (Paramedic) level.



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