Emergency Preparedness

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Have you given thought to "How can I better safeguard my family, my home, or my business when disasters like fires, severe weather, and extended power outages strike?" If so, here are a couple of solutions that can help keep you informed in real-time, Reverse 911 and the Permitter App.

By signing up for Reverse 911 and the Permitter App, you will increase your chances of staying safe and one step ahead of the disaster. 

Reverse 911 is the best way to stay informed of emergency alerts.  Reverse 911 is an emergency alert system designed to send alert texts directly to your phone.  The alerts will be sent for natural disasters, community emergencies, industrial accidents, wildfires, floods, severe weather, chemical spills, or when police actions occur.

Permitter app is the best way to stay real-time informed.  If there is an emergency, you can go to the app or permittermap.com and allow the app to know your location and you will get real time information about your proximity to the emergency and give you information if the emergency is approaching your location, evacuation status, evacuation route, shelter in place area of refuge, if this is the best option.

Disasters can strike quickly, and without a preparedness plan, many people can be left not knowing what to do in an emergency. 

living with earthquakes

The Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology has a personal handbook for earthquake safety. This handbook identifies the earthquake threat to Nevada and reviews earthquake safety, how to be prepared for earthquakes, and mitigation of hazards from shaking and fault offset. 

To download the free handbook, visit the NBMG website.

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