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Vehicle Extrication

extricationAnother service provided by TDFPD is vehicle extrication. As an all-risk fire department, Tahoe Douglas engages in whatever task is needed to mitigate an emergency. The Fire District is located along the U.S. Highway 50 corridor and Kingsbury Grade, which are areas with a high volume of motor vehicle collisions.

At times, these collisions require the extrication of victims from the wreckage, and our crews are trained and equipped to do what is necessary to accomplish that task. Removal of the victims is the first step to getting them definitive care, and with modern equipment and technologies, Tahoe Douglas stays on the cutting edge.  


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 Each of the four Type I fire engines is equipped with extrication tools. Tahoe Douglas uses Holmatro rescue tools, and the engines are either outfitted with one combi-tool or a set of spreaders, cutters, and a ram. Each set uses CORE technology hoses to ensure the safest working environment possible for the employees.

In addition to the rescue tools, all Tahoe Douglas fire engines are equipped with airbags for rescue and stabilization. Other various hand tools round out the equipment that keeps our crews ready for whatever the next call may bring.


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