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Community Service Outside TDFPD

TDFPD Captain Andy Isenberg and his wife, Jasper, who teaches science, anatomy and physiology, honors biology, and AP environmental science joined TDFPD Firefighter/Paramedic Ryan Pruitt, high school students, and chaperones, on a recent trip to Costa Rica to experience the beautiful environment and culture for ten days. During the trip, 26 students from the Academy of Arts, Career and Technology in Reno hiked through the rain forest, zip lined through the cloud forest, swam in the ocean, scouted sloths and other wildlife, learned about the culture, and experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity. The tour group, WorldStrides, creates authentic travel opportunities for students to experience everything that a country has to offer, and the students earn three college credits through the University of San Diego for the experience.   

Captain Isenberg and Jasper have already committed to their next chaperoning adventure for Spring break 2019 in Iceland. TDFPD appreciates their commitment, mentorship, and guidance in these experiences for our local students and future leaders.


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