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11 February 2021

(Zephyr Cove, Nevada) The Tahoe Douglas Bomb Squad (TDBS) has been awarded a grant from the Office of Criminal Justice Assistance (OCJA), allowing for enhanced safety measures and improved recognition of energetic materials that present community hazards. The $11,665 grant award will purchase a Remote Firing Device (RFD) used in explosive material disposal operations.

The purchase of the new RFD allows the formation of the Tahoe Douglas Bomb Squad disposal program. This program is being designed to safely dispose of energetic materials, including fireworks, commercial blasting materials, and gun powder, as well as any illegal seizures through law enforcement activities. The advanced technology of the RFD unit is interoperable and will allow for seamless integration of the Tahoe Douglas Bomb Squad into federal, state, and local disposal operations and federal incidents and operations.

The Tahoe Douglas Bomb Squad is a federally recognized Bomb Squad that is certified and trained through the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The six Bomb Squad members receive additional annual and specialty training throughout the year in excess of the 328 hours required by statute. The TDBS is one of four Bomb Squads within the State of Nevada and is a member of the Northern Nevada Bomb Technician Federal Task Force (NNBTFTF) that includes all four of the Bomb Squads, the FBI, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF).

The Tahoe Douglas Bomb Squad responds to requests for service nationally, as well as its contractual and jurisdictional boundaries in Nevada of Douglas and Lyon counties, the State Capital of Carson City, and all associated legislative and judicial branches, and in California, the City of South Lake Tahoe.
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