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If you have ONLY 15 minutes...


Evacuation Grab and Go Bag



When instructed to evacuate by officials - please leave immediately! 
Follow these steps BEFORE  it's time to GO!
  1. Review your Evacuation Plan Checklist.
  2. Ensure your Emergency Supply Kit/Evacuation Bag is packed and next to the door. 
  3. Cover yourself to protect against heat and flying embers. Wear long pants, long sleeve shirt (100% cotton is preferable), heavy shoes/boots, cap, and a bandanna, goggles, or glasses for face protection. 
If you have 15 MINUTES or less (in addition to the previous actions...) 
Do these in order of importance:
  1. Close all windows, doors, and the garage.
  2. Shut off the air conditioning.
  3. Leave on all lights so firefighters can see your home in smoke.
  4. Shut off propane tanks and move barbecues away from the house.
  5. Shut off the gas at the meter and turn off pilot lights.
PRE-EVACUATION PREPARATION STEPS - for inside and outside your home.
Upcoming blogs how to prepare for 30 MINUTES | MORE THAN 30 MINUTES
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If you have less than 5 MINUTES

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